California Weekend Trips: An Unplanned Trip To Yosemite

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Travel Planning, sort of

Los Angeles > San Francisco > Yosemite

Last weekend, Ivan and I headed up to Yosemite with two of our oldest and closest friends. We thought it might be meaningful to share moments with you that were important to us this week. Traveling isn’t about the end destination, but about the journey and moments you experience along the way.

This will be a five part series to share moments from our weekend trip to Yosemite from Los Angeles.

Jennie here.

Let me begin this by saying that Ivan (haphazardly) planned the entire Yosemite trip from Los Angeles. And (unfortunately) we have two very different travel philosophies, so much so that it can be enraging at times.

Our different travel philosophies:

  • Ivan enjoys slow, random, oftentimes unplanned travel.
    Translation: He plans everything last minute and only thinks/plans two to three days in advance. A painful way to travel when you’re going to an uber popular destination.
  • Jennie enjoys slow, thoughtfully planned travel; often plans deviations in a plan but always prepares for the worst case scenario.
    Translation: Type A personality that needs to have shit planned out weeks, if not months in advance. IMHO - the best way to travel.

So what happened last weekend en route to Yosemite National Park?

I let Ivan plan our entire Yosemite trip because I had been so busy with work. Both of us figured that the weekend after Labor Day weekend wouldn’t be so crowded. So we booked a bus ticket up to San Francisco, met with our friends, and drove off to Yosemite National Park.

What was the end result?

Disaster is the word that comes to mind. It turns out that Northern California was having an unseasonably warm late summer so people were still camping up a storm in the area. All of the nearby Yosemite campsites had been reserved. We were desperate for a campsite and on the day of - Ivan finally booked a campsite two hours away from Yosemite Valley.

This week, we’re going to share moments/confessions/disasters that happened along the way in our very short trip (perhaps, too short) to Yosemite.

Check in tomorrow for our next Daily Origami.