California Weekend Trips: The Anticipation Of Travel

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Los Angeles > San Francisco > Yosemite

Last weekend, Ivan and I headed up to Yosemite with two of our oldest and closest friends. We thought it might be meaningful to share moments with you that were important to us this week. Traveling isn’t about the end destination, but about the journey and moments you experience along the way.

This will be a five part series to share moments from our weekend trip to Yosemite from Los Angeles. Check out Part 1 here.

Jennie here.

Here’s the thing about travel for us…

It’s not the idea of travel that gets us excited. Rather, it’s the idea of leading different lives. We don’t really care where we’re going so long as we enjoy the process along the way.

Wednesday & Thursday:
Traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco via Megabus

We hadn’t travelled in awhile so I was really excited Wednesday evening when we showed up at Union Station, waiting for our bus. We arrived early and sat in our favorite part of Union Station and watched people passing by - either heading home or back from a Dodgers game that evening. It really built up the anticipation that we were going on a long weekend getaway.

Note: Total cost (for two) for Megabus tickets from Los Angeles to San Francisco - $25.00


We took an overnight Megabus from Los Angeles and arrived in San Francisco the next morning at 6:30am. During the day, I got to hang out around the Embarcadero, eat good food, and watch the waves crash against the pier.

A Quick Run To Twin Peaks & Traveling to Yosemite

The morning we left for Yosemite, Ivan and I woke up early and decided to go for a “quick” 5 mile run to Twin Peaks. Again, I let Ivan plan this entire route.

What he didn’t account for:

  • San Francisco has HUGE hills.

  • A fully charged cellphone. He didn’t charge his we didn’t have any means of communication to our friends in an unfamiliar city.

  • The cruelty of his actions.

Clearly, we didn’t have photos for this because we had no phone or camera. Although we got lost and mustered the strength to go up all the SF hills - when we made it to Twin Peaks, we were the only ones there. And it was perfect. We couldn’t see any part the city from the top because the fog was too thick but it was an amazing view regardless. It felt like we had been transported to a completely different place.

Jennie's Note: Too bad we can’t share our photos with anyone.

Ivan's Note: If a couple travels someplace and there were no smartphones around to take selfies, did the couple ever exist?


We managed to find some online to share with you though. Ignore the trippy soundtrack and mirrored landscape. This place is still breathtaking. I can't believe we had it to ourselves.


When we got back 2 ½ hours later to our friend’s place, we showered, worked for a few hours, and then grabbed some Mediterranean wraps.

It was the perfect day in San Francisco.

By 3 PM, we left and headed into the traffic towards Yosemite National Park.