California Weekend Trips: Waking Up At Bass Lake, California

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Travel Planning, sort of

Los Angeles > San Francisco > Yosemite

Last weekend, Ivan and I headed up to Yosemite with two of our oldest and closest friends. We thought it might be meaningful to share moments with you that were important to us this week. Traveling isn’t about the end destination, but about the journey and moments you experience along the way.

This will be a five part series to share moments from our weekend trip to
Yosemite from Los Angeles. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 here. 

Jennie here.

After a late drive into our campgrounds at Wishon Point Campground, we all passed out immediately in our cozy sleeping bags. It was the perfect temperature, the area was quiet and dark; the only thing I could hear were the sounds of crickets chirping nearby.


On Saturday morning, I abruptly woke up at around 6:00 am because I had been dreaming about bears. Half-conscious, I knew I had woken up in the middle of nowhere. We had talked at length about bears and bear mace so I guess there was some anxiety there.

Anyway, when I woke up, I stepped out of the large tent so I wouldn’t wake the rest of the group. I grabbed the keys to the car and took out my jacket and camera. And I just started walking towards the nearby lake. The fresh summer air lingered into September and I felt myself feeling at ease for the first time in the last couple of months.

When I arrived at the lake, there was no other presence there except for myself. I had forgotten how quiet the world was when you stepped out of a city; it felt great to be almost alone, almost liberating. I stood for awhile, watching the ripples of the lake come towards the short against the rocks. I could hear myself breathe and think.


Note: Wishon Point Campground costs $22 per evening if you're camping outdoors.

When I looked up the sun was rising and I realized that there was another woman at the lake in a distance. She was watching the mountains, the lake, and the sun rising; she did so with such intensity that I ended up watching her for a few minutes. Yeah, I creeped, but her concentration (or meditation) never ceased for a moment. She stood there, motionless, for a very long time.

Watching this woman raised some questions for me:

  • Did I ever have that level of intensity and concentration on any single thing?

  • Why don’t I feel this liberated when I’m in a city with all the hustle and bustle (which I love)?

  • Is there comfort in waking up alone and being alone in nature?